Our Vision & Principles

Our Vision:
We aim to be one of the elements that positively affect the oriental restaurant concept and present it in new innovative look by means of developing the quality and service standards as well as serving styles.

Arabiata Principles:

1. Providing the best quality standards in food and service
The Company management is keen on constant search for what's new in the field of food and beverage to keep pace with the best of the market in order to meet its customers' expectations and achieve the aspired image.


2. Continued development of the human factor to achieve Arabiata's vision and principles
The best calibers of employees in this domain represent Arabiata's assets, so the Company works on developing and investing their proficiency and providing them with technical support and training. This is eventually reflected on achieving the Company's vision and implementing its plan. 
3. Providing a special work environment full of truth and honesty
We provide a healthy work environment entail excellent service and commitment with truth and honesty with all Arabiata's stakeholders.

4. Respect is the main feature of any communication within the work environment
The main link between Arabiata staff is the serious performance and mutual respect between all parties, senior or junior.

5. Providing a level of service and hospitality exceeding our customers' expectations
In Arabiata, we are oriented toward achieving our customers' desires. All our products and services are derived from our customers' desires and we are committed with them in order to exceed all their expectations.