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The Start

The start was when some brothers of one family thought about establishing a chain specialized in producing and serving Egyptian foods which are featured with authentic oriental taste targeting various classes of the society.

Arabiata launched its first branch in Kourba, Heliopolis, an area with old European style. It had been a small branch called Shabrawi established in 1948. It had been a very simple branch serving distinct oriental foods in the original Egyptian cuisine.

It was not a long time before Shabrawi became famous in Heliopolis and lovers of such foods lined up in rows in order to get their favorite dishes. Hence, an idea was developed to open a new branch in another area to support and continue the Shabrawi trademark. Then, we opened Nasr City branch in the 7th District.

Nasr City branch confirmed the success of Shabrawi and announced the first leading oriental food chain in Egypt. Since then the openings are ongoing and we are look forwarding to continuing in the future.

In 2001, the Company decided to gradually change its name; Shabrawi, to be Arabiata in order to distinguish and develop itself and keep the trust of its customers.

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